Extraction Starter Kit - Extended

Extraction Starter Kit - Extended

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This is a great starter kit for more extended extraction needs

LM extraction instruments require less force.  The well-balanced and large diameter ErgoTouch handles provide a secure grip.  The razor-sharp blade tips effectively separate the tooth from connective tissue.

Each instrument comes with a protective and autoclavable cassette.

Kit contains:

1 x TwistOut S3. Elevator, straight shank, 3mm wide blade. 

1 x LiftOut S4. Luxator, straight shank, 4mm wide blade.

1 x SlimLift S3. Slim-luxator, low-profile, straight shank, 3mm wide blade.

1 x SlimLift C3. Slim-luxator, low-profile, slightly curved shank, 3mm wide blade.

1 x RootOut S1. Root tip instrument in elevator handle, 1mm blade, anterior/premolars.

1 x Root Tip Pick. Double-end root tip pick, ErgoSense handle, posterior.