Today's RDH 3+1 Offer

Buy 3 LM-Dental sharpen-free instruments and get 1 free 

Tired of sharpening your instruments?  Don’t have the time? 
To eliminate the tedious, time consuming task of sharpening, LM-Dental created Sharp Diamond sharpen-free instruments.  These instruments are specifically designed for practitioners who want ergonomic, high-quality instruments that feel great, and do not require sharpening, ever. 
Are they really sharpen-free? 
Yes, they really are sharpen-free.  Sharp Diamond instruments are produced using modern Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology.  An advanced micro-coating is applied over a harder carbide  enhanced alloy. This structure makes the instruments razor sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light.  LM Sharp Diamond instruments’ lifespan is similar to other high-quality instruments – the huge advantage and the main difference is the elimination of the sharpening.   
LM Sharp Diamond Instruments: Buy 3, get 1 free! (promo code: trdh3+1) 
The best way to find out if you like a new professional product is to try it yourself.  If you already use and love LM-Dental instruments, stock up for the New Year using this offer.  As a dental professional, your order can be shipped to  your office or to your home—the choice is yours.  
This offer expires on January 6th, 2023 - U.S. only.

To purchase from another dental dealer, redeem this offer by submitting a copy of your dealer invoice to and please remember to list your qualifying free goods in your email.

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